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On the Hall of Fame, proposing that this possibly be an every other year award, & only for one person at that time.  We seem to be running out people other than current pullers.  I have heard a couple of those that have been chosen in the past few years comment that they didn't feel deserving.  Hall of Fame means someone that has been around a long long time & has contributed a lot to the sport. Don't feel that we should have to "induct" anyone, much less 2-3 people every year.  And by doing so we will run out of people fast.  
And when we do decide to "induct" someone, it should be discussed/nominated before hand so that we have a list or a name given to be voted on rather than leaving a blank. - Nancy Hale

Future of high HP classes- HSS, Pro-Stock Tractors, etc.. - Darrin Hunt

Adding Diesel truck class to events - Darrin Hunt

Track conditions- was improved in 2017, would like to discuss if we can put a program together to make them more consistent - Darrin Hunt

Maximizing our event schedule in order to get all the vehicles at every event that we can. - Darrin Hunt

Possibility of more Region 6 hooks - Darrin Hunt

Sponsorship opportunities- I think we need a clear and concise vision for the organization. What is our direction? In my opinion, I think we need to form a sponsorship committee in order to gather sponsors for the 2018 season. In order for that to work, we need to get all of the involved parties the numbers that they need so we know how much money we need to get in order to cover our costs. - Darrin Hunt
Who is in charge of Mid-South operations? - Wesley Foster

No Biodiesel in the Super Farm class. - Cranford Jennings