Limited Light Super Stock Tractors

Limited Light Super Stock Rules

This class will run under NTPA “ Super Stock Rules” including shielding, safety, and SFI requirements, plus the following;

A. Engine
     1. Cubic inch
          a. Diesel Engine- 470
          b. Alcohol Engine-370
     2. A 1% tolerance will be given on cubic inch limitations to allow for normal engine wear.
     3. No V-8 engines permitted
     4. OEM cylinder heads only, cylinder head must match block – valves cannot seat below bottom of head
     5. Cylinder heads limited to 2 valves per cylinder
     6. Engine must match brand of tractor
     7. Intercoolers and /or Aftercoolers not allowed on Diesel and Alcohol but are allowed on Gas.
     8. Rear of engine must be in stock location for make and model of rear end and transmission housing, with a maximum tolerance of 1-inch adapter plate
     9. No super chargers allowed
     10. Turbo Chargers WHEEL---? ----HOUSING
          a. Single turbo charger of a size not to exceed a 3-inch diameter measured at the front face of the wheel with one single air inlet with no additional openings in
              compressor housing outside of the 3 inch inlet.
          b. Compressor wheel must enter into the compressor housing.
          c. No MAF enhancement will be allowed on alcohol engines larger than 310, all plugs will be welded.
          d. Diesel 470 cubic inch single charger and 310 cubic inch alcohol can run MAF enhancement.
          e. Allow diesel engines 360 cubic inch and under 2 (3” intake) chargers – No intercoolers or after coolers – No MAF enhancement.
     11. No fuel injection pump larger than a 6- cylinder P series pump will be accepted.

B. Frame
     1. OEM tractor rear end and transmission housings only will be accepted, no component tractors allowed.

C. Fuel
     1. Acceptable fuels are diesel fuel, alcohol, and gasoline.
     2. No oxygen carriers or combustion accelerators will be permitted.

D. Weight
     1. Weight for the class is 6000 pounds.
     2. All tractors must carry at least 200 pounds of moveable weight.